Kiev Station Information


Kiev Station Information

Kiev train station is easily located by the subway (metro) network, the stop you need is Vokzal'na (вокзальна). In Ukraine trains run from two types of station, the main train station and an electric train station. Not like in England where all trains use the same tracks and use the same stations. Purchasing tokens fro Kiev metro is easy, if you don't speak Russian or Ukrainian just hold up as many fingers as tokens and hand over some money. You can try saying thank you after in Ukrainian (dak-we-oo). You will get some small plastic tokens that you will need for the turnstiles when entering the metro station.

When you arrive at the Vokzal'na metro station, make your way to the surface, and when exiting the building you will see couple of fast food restaurants (if you can call them that) in front to the left. Here you will also find a taxi rank, but you will be lucky if any drivers speak English. So if you're planning on using a taxi from the station it's always best to carry a map in Russian or Ukrainian. The main train station is easy to find. see the map above.

Also located directly in front when exiting the Vokzal'na metro stop is a baggage/luggage store, here you can store your bags if you have a long time before you're train leaves or you simply want to get your bearings. The baggage store room is located underground down some steps, it is fairly easily found. If exiting the main train station entrance, it is to the left close the the metro station.

Our Offices are based in Berdychev (Бердичів) and Sheffield in the UK. You can collect your train tickets from Berdychev (Бердичів вокзал), but for an extra fee our staff will meet you at Kiev train station (Київ вокзал) on your day of travel*. Our meeting time is between 11:00am to 12:00pm.