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Please be aware of the current situation in some parts of Ukraine.

Please exercise caution if traveling to Eastern Ukraine or Crimea.

if traveling to Russia or Crimea you may require a Russian visa.


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The local currency in Ukraine is hryvnya / grivna abbreviated to грн in Ukriane. You will get about 12 to 13 грн to the pound and the favorable exchange rate will make your money go a long way in Ukraine. For travel money we recommend using a pre-paid master card. There are many on the market at the moment and you may like to compare all the rates yourself, but the best we have found is the fairFX travel mastercard. You can load the card in the UK from the internet, the card will then carry a balance which can be used in any country worldwide. the charge for using an ATM is just £1 and the exchange rate is just 1.4% which is a lot cheaper than using a currency exchange kiosk.

The card usually costs £9.95 but we can offer our website visitors a card for free by clicking the links on this site. We can also offer a voucher code which will give you an extra £2.50 if your first top-up is £250 or above.

Please enter the fairFX voucher code: m2vij

If boarding a train leaving Ukraine for another country it is your responsibility to check the visa requirements for the country you are entering. All entry requirements will depend on your nationality and the country you are travelling to. It is always your responsibility to check before travelling. Our rep will be waiting inside the main entrance of Kiev train station. When you purchase a ticket you will be provided with a photo & phone number of the representative that will meet you.

All payments to are handled by or they are a trusted global payment service. We do not and never will hold any card details, this is all processed on paypal or google's secure servers and you are fully protected from fraud. You are covered under paypals buyer protection, but please read our full terms and conditions

Where can I collect my tickets? If you choose to collect your tickets (and most customers do) you will be met at Kiev station on your day of travel. Our representatives will be at the station on your day of travel from 11:00am to 12:00pm unless you have chosen a different time. You can choose a time between 12:00 - 19:00 if the default time does not suit your needs. The collection location is always inside the main entrance to Kiev Railway Station, unless otherwise stated. The collection time will be stated on your Order email, your confirmation email and on the description of your purchase with Paypal or Google checkout, unless you paid by a different method. Please check your emails, and you must contact us immediately via email if you have not received any contact from us after payment.

Travel by train in Ukraine

Large, diverse and mostly undiscovered by foreign tourists, Ukraine is a charming country that offers numerous beautiful places to see and lovely things to do. Although it is rather a poor country, Ukraine is very rich in tourist attractions, untouched forests and a history that will impress you. Spend your vacation in Ukraine, travel between cities and landscapes by train and you will spend the best time of your life in one of Europe’s last genuine travel frontiers.

Hop on the train and enjoy the beauty of Ukraine

From the first moment you will see this delightful country, you will realize that even though you are still in Europe, it does not feel that way. Idyllic landscapes, colorful traditions and amazing foods are only some of the things you will love about this country. You will flight to Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, admire the most popular tourist hotspots and soak up the entertainment of their crazy nights.

Visit Caves Monastery, Saint Sophia Cathedral, the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas and Andriyivski Uzviz, which are some of the most famous attractions within Kiev. Do not miss Pirogovo Open-Air Museum, Landscape Alley and the crowded Khreshchatyk Street with its appealing stores, eateries and terraces. Spend one or two days here, delight your taste buds with some delicious Ukrainian food – Holubtsi, Halushky and Varenyky – then take the train and travel to Lviv.

Lviv is a medieval town with a well-preserved historic center and wonderful places and edifices that cannot be missed. Go to Ploshcha Rynok, the Market Square, for a refreshing coffee, attend to a dazzling show inside the Lviv Opera House and venture on the narrow streets within the Old Town. Take plenty of photographs, befriend with the friendly locals and stop at Baczewski Restaurant for a remarkable culinary experience.

Take the train to Odessa and it is a guarantee that you will not have time for Camplace. The night clubs will keep you busy all night long, you will be happy to try the local beverages and the techno music will pump up your ears until sunrise. Watch how the sun will come out the water, stroll in the Odessa Port, spend several hours watching cute dolphins at Odessa Delphinarium Nemo and go back to the train station and take the train to Kharkiv.

This large and impressive city is located quite close to the Russian border and its numerous tourist attractions include Svoboda Square, the History Museum, the Zoo and Holy Shroud Cathedral. Mirror Stream fountain is great for some romantic moments, Shevchenko Park is wonderful for an afternoon stroll and Botanical Gardens are a jewelry you will love to explore.

Trains will lead you all across Ukraine, from one place to another. You must see the Black Sea, venture in the Carpathian Mountains, visit the ruins of Nevytsky Castle and the picturesque villages in the heart of Ukraine. Spend at least one week in this amazing country, take the train whenever you wish to see something else and you will certainly be delighted by your experience!